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What is EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only)?
It’s a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access.

What is the speed of MBLAZE network?
MBLAZE  offers speed upto 3.1 Mbps.

What is CDMA 1x ?
CDMA 1x is the initial version or the older version of MBLAZE .

What is the speed of CDMA 1x ?
Theoretically CDMA 1x offers 144 Kbps as maximum.

What is the difference between CDMA 1x and MBLAZE ?
CDMA 1x offers upto 144 Kbps. Its successor MBLAZE  offers upto 3.1 Mbps.

Can I use a MBLAZE  device to access CDMA 1x network?
Since MBLAZE  devices offers backward compatibility, you can access a CDMA 1x network with MBLAZE  Device.

Can I access MBLAZE  Network with CDMA 1x device?

Can I use my ISP's MBLAZE  / CDMA 1x device to access other ISP's network?
In India, its not possible at the moment.

Does MTS MBLAZE  Device use a R-UIM Card?
No, the device works and can access network without R-UIM card.

Where can I buy MTS MBLAZE  Device?
You can buy the MTS's MBLAZE  Device from the No#1 MTS MBLAZE Distributor & Exclusive online partner M/s SOLUTIONS unlimited by placing order online.& take free home delivery anywhere in Delhi & NCR.

How about the delivery & Installation of MTS MBLAZE  Device?
M/s SOLUTIONS unlimited offer's free home by placing order online & take free home delivery & installation anywhere in Delhi & NCR.

Is there any Sales Helpline Contact No. for MTS MBLAZE ?
Yes! It is "+91-9136 06 3033" exclusively to serve  Delhi & NCR.

Whats the cost of MTS MBLAZE  Device?
Premium Modem - Rs 2.299
Standard Modem – Rs 1,999

Should I pay entire price at the beginning?

Is this Prepaid or Postapaid
As of now it's Prepaid only

How much should I pay monthly basis?
For tariff details please visit our website

What is the Initial Security Deposit?

What is the activation charge?

Is the usage Unlimited?
No. Comes with bundled pack & you can choose bundle as per your choice

Is there any Hidden Charges?

Can I access internet while roaming?

What is "Fair usage policy"?

Fair Usage Policy: - Speed subject to MBlaze Fair Usage Policy which may be modified from time to time. MBlaze Fair Usage Policy is designed in such a manner that we continue to provide the best of internet experience to all our customers.

Why a Fair Usage Policy?

  • The intent of MBlaze Fair Usage Policy is to provide the optimum internet experience to all customers. However, very small number of customers use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth, to the extent that it can impair the experience of others. MBlaze Fair usage policy will be applicable for such cases.

What happens in Fair Usage Policy?

  • Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans and needless to mention, the usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.  On reaching the fair usage level*, the plan speed would be rationalized to CDMA 1x speeds for the rest of the validity period. If customer exceeds fair usage policy ,within validity period and if his speeds are rationalized to CDMA 1x ,he can again get the 3.1Mbps speeds if he recharges with MBlaze Unlimited RCV 999. If he does not recharge he will continue to get unlimited access with CDMA 1x speeds till his validity expires. Please note that the speeds would be upgraded to the normal speeds once the validity of recharge will expires.

What’s the impact of Fair Usage Policy on data transfer limits?

  • We assure you that the data transfer limits remain unlimited and no change has been made in the same.
    * Up to 12GB usage speeds will be 3.1Mbps, beyond 12GB speeds will be optimized to CDMA 1x( 144Kbps )


Can I use this device with Windows Vista & Windows 7?
Yes you can.

How can I recharge my account?

1. Visit any authorized MTS dealer and purchase a Recharge Voucher. There are multiple options available to suit your specific needs. To find the MTS Store in your area please click here.

After you buy a Recharge Voucher, simply scratch-off the silver panel on the back to reveal the 16-digit code.

Now dial 177 (toll free) from your phone and select option '1' to recharge your account. When asked to, please enter the 16-digit code then fulfill your recharge request and  you will receive an SMS confirming the recharge amount and the new balance in your account.


2. Buy an E-Top Up
Visit any authorized MTS dealer and give him/her your MTS mobile number with the amount you want to recharge with. The dealer will then fulfill your recharge request and you will receive an SMS confirming the recharge amount and the new balance in your account.

3. Recharge through our Website
Please click here you can recharge through your Debit card, Credit card and through Internet banking.


Ques: What is this new MTS TV Service?
Ans: MTS TV service allows you to watch LIVE and on demand content on your laptop or computer via MTS MBlaze USB modem. Simply connect through MBlaze and watch 60+ channels from various categories such as News, Entertainment, Sports, Kids, Movies, Regional Languages, etc.

Ques: How do I get MTS TV application?
Ans:  The moment user connects MTS through MBlaze modem, MTS Landing page pops up. Please download MTS TV application from the link available on /
User can visit the page and select MTS TV link from left side, and download MTS TV application from the link available.

Ques: How to install the application after downloading?
Ans: User needs to simply click on downloaded installation file and MTS TV application will install automatically. Detailed steps are mention below:

  1. On Clicking MTS TV Installer file clicks on Run button
  2. Win zip Self Extractor will ask for Set up of application, Click Setup Button
  3. Install the MTS TV Application: Click on Install Button, Specify the destination for installation: Click on Continue Button. Installation will complete

Ques: I am not having MTS MBlaze, how can I access MTS TV?
Ans: MTS TV is only available on MBlaze USB modem, so user needs to purchase it from the nearest MTS Store/ dealer. Please visit to find MTS Store list for your circle.

Ques: How to start the MTS TV?
Ans: Once application is installed on user Laptop/Computer, MTS TV icon will display on user desktop or in Start Menu/Programs. Click on MTS TV icon, MTS TV application will open. Select the category/ channel as per your choice and enjoy your favorite channel.

Ques: How much do I need to pay for MTS TV?
Ans: Currently MTS do not charge for MTS TV Application, so customer doesn’t need to pay any application monthly subscription fee or one time download fee. Only standard data access charges will be applicable as per the user data plan.

Ques: How much Data I will consume while viewing MTS TV?
Ans: While viewing any channel (LIVE/others) approx 1.5 MB per minute data will be consumed. So if the user watches MTS TV for 10 minute the approx 15 MB data will be consumed.

Ques: What is the size of MTS TV Application, do I need to pay for the application data download also?
Ans:  MTS TV Application is approx 18 MB and user don’t need to pay for the application data download. Application download is free.

Ques: I am an MBrowse user; can I access MTS TV application?
Ans: Yes MBrowse user can access MTS TV application but this application needs high speed data, so there will be too much buffering. So please purchase MTS MBlaze from nearest MTS store and then you can enjoy MTS TV.

Ques: What is Category view in Application Player?
Ans: In Category View user can see all available various Channels Categories and can select his desired channel.

Ques: Is it available in all MTS Circles?
Ans: Yes this service is available in all MTS Live Circles.

Ques: While starting the MTS TV I got the update option, what should I do?
Ans: For better service, features and user experience we continuously make changes, so for accessing more refine service the user is recommended to download the latest version of the application. So whenever user gets an update reminder, please click on YES button and continue the new build installation.

Ques: Where to call or discuss my queries or issues related with MTS TV?
Ans: You can call the below call centre numbers circle wise for queries


Delhi: 9136-955-955
Haryana:         9138-955-955
Mumbai:          9146-126-126
Rajasthan:       9667-955-955
Bihar: 9135-955-955
Karnataka:  9141-955-955
Kerala:            9142-955-955
Kolkata:          9153-955-955
Pune:              9146-126-126
Tamil Nadu:     9150-955-955
West Bengal:   9153-955-955

Ques: I see all the channels on small screen of Application; can I see it on full screen of my laptop/computer?
Ans:  Yes in MTS TV application player window there is the Full screen button of on the bottom of player right side, click on it; you will get full screen mode. From full screen mode you can came back to small screen by pressing the same button.

Ques: Can I demand for any new channel or program?
Ans: All the channels & programs are pre-defined; user cannot add any new channel. We will update you if such feature comes in future.

Ques: Sometimes I did not get the channels after clicking on Play button?
Ans: This MTS TV runs on internet data and dependant on network availability. Sometimes due to low signals user can’t receive the TV content properly. In this situation please try after some time or try to change your location for to get better signal.

Ques: Is MTS TV available in Roaming as well?
Ans: Yes MTS TV can be accessed in all MTS MBlaze enabled cities. Please refer for more details.

Ques: What will be my MTS TV access charges in Roaming?
Ans: Standard data roaming charges will be applicable. There is no application download or subscription charge so user needs to pay only data usage charges.

Ques: Once switched on (or logged on), can I somehow stop the usage (consumption of MTS TV) in between in case I wish to & then resume after sometime or the only way to stop is to completely log out? 
Ans: You can stop the TV streaming by returning the Home screen.

Ques: Can we download or record content from MTS TV?
Ans: No, user cannot Copy/record/repurpose any content being streamed on MTS TV. This is prohibited.

Ques: When I open the MTS TV & click on channel for viewing, does it takes long time to load the video?
Ans: The usual time for a video to start would be anywhere between 10 sec to 30 sec, this might vary depending on the network conditions.

Ques: Is MTS TV suitable for any specific laptop or software configuration e.g. media player or a real player??
Ans: It works with Windows Operating System and Macintosh operating System. It does not require any additional software such as real player, flash player. Adobe Air player is in built itself and install automatically when user install MTS TV application.

Ques: Which operating systems are supported by MTS TV?
Ans: MTS TV supports below operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS 10.5, 10.6

Ques: What is the difference between LIVE and On Demand channels?
Ans:  In Live Channel user received the LIVE Channel content with no delay but in On Demand Channel user received the pre recorded content updated on daily/weekly basis as per the refreshment activity of channel.

Ques: Is there any charging difference in LIVE & On Demand content?
Ans: No there is no difference in charging of content; user pays only data usage charges.

Ques: What is the total number of channels available on MTS TV?
Ans: There are 60 channels available on MTS TV.

For more details or query, pl. feel free to contact:

Ashutosh Narang - 9136063033

In public Intrest by M/s SOLUTIONS unlimited - Exclusive On Line Partner of MTS - formaly know as M/s Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd.

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